Gouvia: Exploring Corfu Town

Stephen & Anne
Thu 13 Jun 2013 12:04

39.38.868N 19.50.989E


On Wednesday we were up fairly early to catch the bus into Corfu town. We had been warned the bus got busy and it was best to try and go early. As it was the bus was quite full, but we alighted and went to the centre of Corfu Town.


Our first aim was to find the WIND shop so we could sort out our internet connection here in Greece (having access to weather information is quite important). We found the road quite easily, but after walking further than we thought we spotted the shop. Luckily everyone here seems to speak pretty good English and we were sorted out quite quickly.


We then went for a wander around the old town.



One of the prettier streets.




The old fort



The view to Albania


After a walk along the sea front we headed into the old town again. Most of the streets were lined with touristy shops, although some of them had some very nice items. We managed to find some new cushion covers (the old ones were disintegrating and would not survive another wash).


We stopped for lunch and had a lovely lunch of Tzatziki, Tyropites (cheese pies), spanakopites (spinach pies) and a greek salad. It makes a change from pizza and pasta J


After lunch we walked back through town to the bus stop. We were getting rather worried about the amount of people waiting for the bus, luckily the bus that turned up was a very large bendy bus, so everyone managed to get on.  We then had a quiet evening onboard the boat.