Katakolon -> Ormos Navarinou, Pylos

Stephen & Anne
Sun 4 Sep 2016 12:53

36.57.336N 21.40.658E


After a good night’s sleep we were up early (not particularly bright though) for our sail down to Pylos. When I say early it was first light- we managed to get a good shot of the sunrise as we were preparing to leave.


Sunrise from Katakolon.


As we set off we saw another large cruise ship making its way to Katakolon. We had a tense few minutes trying to work out the exact route the cruise ship was going to take. Especially as our charts showed a small patch of land in the approaches. We believe this land is no longer there as we could not see it, but being rather cautious we decided not to check it out too closely. The cruise ship out of the way we could set in our course and off we went. The wind was a nice 10 knots – so out went the Genoa for a lovely motor sail. Eventually the wind eased and went right behind us – so we had to furl the genoa. The wind then started to pick up- and with it the sea got very rolly.


We had planned to take the safe option of going round the island Proti, but decided the island might give us a bit of protection from the horrible seas. Rather nervously we headed inbetween the island and the mainland. Looking carefully at our charts we were worried our depth meter had stopped working. We thought we were in the 50 meter contour, but our depth meter showed no reading ( so over 80 meters). We crossed the 20 meter contour on our chart, still no reading. Then we got a reading of 52 meters…phew. We were now a little concerned about the accuracy of our charts (which were updated in July this year!). As we passed between the top of the island and the mainland we could see lighter patches of water. Stephen took the helm in case we needed to move quickly. The lowest reading we got was 10 meters – so there was no problem for us. Once the light patches were negotiated we could enjoy the view and the calmer waters.



The Monastary on Nisis Proti – there was a yacht anchored in this bay (not visible on the picture)


The town of Marathoupolis


Once out of the lee of the island the seas continued to be very lumpy and rolly.


Stephen spotted a turtle almost next to the boat – it was the best turtle sighting we have had. Unfortunately the camera was not handy and we were too busy watching the turtle play dead. We think he got a bit scared seeing Wanda passing by so closely. Once we passed he then swam off. I wonder if turtles get sea sick?


We were very relieved to see the entrance of Ormos Navarinou getting closer. So was the motor boat heading in from the south. We turned in, expecting the motor boat to do the same, but he kept on a straight course. This made out entrance rather tricky – a motor boat on one side and a huge rock face on the other. Luckily we managed to avoid both. The motor boat was wanting to hide behind the rocks for shelter. We were just happy to get to calmer waters.


We motored around the bay to find a spot to anchor for the night. The bay is rather large and looks like a good place to stay for a while to explore. We found a spot in the north of the bay to anchor. It felt the most comfortable with the north westerly winds.


After a large G&T and some food we were both ready for an early night, after enjoying the beautiful sunset.


Sunset from Ormos Navarinou.