Cagliari: Midnight party (well 3:30am actually)

Stephen & Anne
Thu 2 Oct 2008 12:03

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


Monday: In the morning we went shopping for food. In the afternoon we cleaned some more stainless steel bits – the davits and railing at the back of the boat are now gleaming.


Tuesday: Anne spent all day completing the steering wheel cover – this now protects the suede grip from any sun / rain damage when we are not using it. Stephen spent most of the day in the internet café “playing” at downloading SP3 (for those computer people out there). While in the internet café he met Dave and Lisa from Gyatso - we last met them in Gibraltar. We went out to our favourite restaurant and had a wonderful meal – mushroom risotto for Anne and a local speciality pizza for Stephen (tuna & pesto) along with plenty of “red liquid” J


Wednesday: Early this morning (3:30am to be precise) we had a call that Pyxis and Cape were about to berth. We threw on some clothes and went out to meet them and help them berth (the marina staff don’t work 24 hours). We did know they would arrive about this time and had arranged with the marina where they would berth. All went well with the berthing and we joined them for a few beers afterwards.


Yoyo naturally was awake during our “night manoeuvres” meowing like mad for her treats now that “duck man of Pyxis” has arrived. We explained to her that he needs to recover from the overnight sail. All cats and humans went to bed again around 5am.


This morning the cats are had a very long lie in bed after their disturbed nights sleep.


In the evening we went over to Pyxis and held a “Cagliari orientation” meeting, for Pyxis and Cape. (OK we showed them where a few things were on the map). Afterwards we all went to Cape for a pasta evening.