Figueira da Foz to Peniche

Stephen & Anne
Thu 18 Oct 2007 16:14

38:21.146N 9:22.62W


Today we upped the stakes by setting off playing dodge the lobster pots in fog. With radar on, and Mistletoe keeping close behind us, we headed off for Peniche, about 60 miles south.


Naturally the first thing we found was a large ship blasting its fog horn as it was bearing straight down at us. We now realised we should have had our fog horn ready before we set sail instead of trying to find it underway (obvious really!).


We successfully out-maneuvered all the lobster pots, plus several imaginary ones as well. There was only one fishing vessel that we missed on radar, but eagle eyed Anne spotted it and blasted the fog horn at it.


The fog lifted by lunchtime, the wind picked up and we actually managed to unfurl the genoa and sail for a bit.


On our approach to Peniche we saw several birds diving for fish. After 10 minutes we were visited by around 20+ dolphins, all playing around our boat. They were jumping waves in formation (the most we saw were 3 abreast), jumping out of the water landing on their backs (a dolphin backflip) and genrally swimming alongside. They stayed with us for about half an hour. Hopefully Anne has managed to get some action shots.


We arrived in Peniche and rafted up against a large old yacht. The swell from the fishing boats although noticeable is not too bad. We are at the top end of the harbor so they are going slower when they go past us. The officials are very friendly. Even the siren they sound every time a fishing vessel arrives in port is not too bad!


After a quick drink with Mistletoe (red wine for a change!) and some tea we had an earlyish night. Tomorrow we will go and explore Peniche.



Dolphins playing along side Wandering Dragon near Peniche




Dolphins leaping in the air along side Wandering Dragon