Crotone -> Gouvia (Corfu, Greece): Yoyo finds her sea legs

Stephen & Anne
Tue 11 Jun 2013 17:44

39.38.868N 19.50.989E


On Sunday morning we got up, checked the weather once again, and decided it looked good to leave Crotone. In fact if we didn’t go today we would probably be stuck in Crotone for a week or more. We slipped our lines just before 8 am and set off out into the bay. The wind was just increasing slightly and the seas were nice and calm. We had a very gentle motor sail all the way to Corfu.


We had a swim past of a pod of dolphins, this time they did just swim past, no playing today. The shipping wasn’t too bad. We had to keep a close eye on the big ships, but there weren’t too many and they all kept well away.


While we were preparing to leave Yoyo realised we were going and went and took up her sailing position on the bed, nice and tightly snuggled to a pillow.  After a few hours she came out to see what was happening, she then realised it was not too bad and the new cushion in the cockpit was very comfortable. She spent the rest of the day curled up on the cushion, only moving when she was sent inside as it got dark. (Finding a black cat in the dark is rather tricky!!)



Yoyo was not drooling or sick on this passage – she found our new cockpit cushions were to her satisfaction


We arrived at the North end of Corfu, just as the dawn was breaking and watched the sun rise over the mountains of Albania. We then sailed down the East side of Corfu, with the imposing mountains of Albania on our Port side and the green island of Corfu on our Starboard



The next morning sailing down Corfu Island


We arrived in Gouvia Marina at midday on Monday after 26 hours at sea.  After we checked in with the Marina and the Port police we had a lazy afternoon. The weather has definitely improved recently – although it is now too hot!


On Tuesday we were up a little later than usual after a good night’s sleep. First job of the day was to get the laundry done and then Anne went up the mast  to change a light bulb on our steaming light which stopped working on the passage (never very comforting loosing lights when you know you will be crossing shipping lanes!).


We then fitted the outboard to dinghy and checked it worked. Anne had plenty of exercise walking to the marina office for various things – one of which was to contact a diver. We successfully managed to contact the diver and got our skeg wire re-fitted. For those that don’t know – this wire connects our keel with the skeg (the bit before the rudder) and protects the propeller from any passing debris. We also filled up with water and washed the boat and did some laundry.


The weather today is still hot but there is a breeze which makes it feel slightly cooler.



View around the marina



Wandering Dragon proudly showing off a new courtesy flag for Greece (view from half way up the mast)