Ipswich - Moving on board

Stephen & Anne
Fri 17 Aug 2007 19:35

Friday 17th August – Ipswich… Day 1 of the rest of our lives….

52:02.01N 01:09.10E


At last we have moved on board Wandering Dragon. On Wednesday we drove down from Lancaster to Ipswich with a full car load and our two cats, Koshka and Yoyo. They were very well behaved on the 5 hour journey in the car and after a day or two have settled in onboard the boat. Yoyo, as usual, is being inquisitive and it’s only a matter of time before she makes the leap up the companionway and onto the deck (or possibly through a window or hatch) and then straight up the mast, which she has been eying up ever since she arrived onboard.


Reminder to self – must buy netting for guard rails to allow cats to climb easier …… or hopefully to prevent them from falling in.


After the mad panic of getting the house ready to rent out, we now start on the mad panic of getting Wandering Dragon (aka Wanda) ready to sail. This mostly involves strapping down everything that moves (and the cats!). If any one knows how to make a gimbaled device for holding a glass – so the cats can drink from it while we are sailing  - please let us know. (Yes our cats drink from crystal cut glass glasses – it was the only way to stop them drinking from our glasses)


We are slowly getting everything stowed away, hopefully over the weekend we will get Wanda “ship shape” , although we still think we have more stuff in boxes than will fit in the storage space – maybe we could turn the dinghy into a sort of storage trailer!!