Stephen & Anne
Thu 22 Nov 2007 09:38

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


On Wednesday it rained. We read a book / watched a DVD. It stopped raining. We went outside. It rained. We got wet. Repeat this all day Wednesday.


On Thursday it stopped raining. We didn’t go out as we knew we would only get wet when it started raining again, so we stayed in during the morning and read another book. By lunch time the weather had clearly fooled us as it was still blue skies. We went outside and didn’t get wet. In fact it was quite a nice day. Hence we went for a long walk all around town and explored Lagos, found the main supermarket (not as good as Cascais), and arrived back still dry. On the plus side it did rain all Thursday night to make up for the dry day. We have studied the synoptic charts and decided that it will stay dry at least for the next week, with temperatures back around 18 centigrade. It’s now time to start getting back to the boat activities.


A few clues that Lagos is really a mini England:

  • The supermarket is not large but has a disproportionate amount of baked beans on the shelf (crates full of them)
  • It rains
  • We understand every word people speak because they have a British accent
  • You are greeted in the shops with the Portuguese saying hello to you in English and not the equivalent Portuguese word


Ah well, we did see lots of the real Portugal on the way down the coast.