Vilamoura -> Mazagon

Stephen & Anne
Sat 8 Mar 2008 19:26

37:07.864N 6:49.911W


Saturday: This morning we were up bright and early – well early. We were up before it was fully light and got ready to set sail to Mazagon.  


The forecast was for medium wind all day from the North, falling to near zero by evening. This would mean a perfect day for sailing and making it easy to moor at the end of the day.


We set off with very little wind at all and sailed off into the sunrise. To start with there was not enough wind to sail. Then it was right behind us – which is not easy to sail with as the sail can’t decide which side it wants to be on. When we rounded the point at Faro we thought – “great the wind will be on the beam” (over the side – which is a good way to fill the sails). There was not enough wind for us to sail and as we headed off on our course and the wind moved round to be – yes you’ve guessed it – right behind us. As we sailed on the wind increased throughout the day until we had lots of wind, just when we didn’t want it, coming into the marina making mooring more interesting than planned.


However the gods decided to add another twist. The arrival pontoon was full of Spanish police boats, local fishing boats filling with fuel and a massive wooden galleon. Hence in the end we just found a spare space and went for it. Hopefully we won’t need to move in the morning (or during the night).


We are now safe and sound in Magazon and have enjoyed a very large glass of wine.


We need to remember to change the clocks, Spain is an hour ahead. Somehow I think we will both be happy going to bed Spanish time.


Highlight of the day was Koshka and Yoyo – neither were sick. Yoyo spent most of the passage on deck in the shade “relatively” happy.