Stephen & Anne
Fri 4 Jan 2008 22:24

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today’s Blog is by Koshka, our sleepy cat:


Today I woke up and it was raining. When it rains I like to curl up and sleep and keep warm. When it is sunny I always move (honest) as I like to stretch out and sleep in the sun. Often I’m awoken from my sleep by my little sister Yoyo, who runs around. That’s why I need so much sleep.


Stephen decided he didn’t like the new pump leaking and spent the day fixing it. He was very silly as he reused the old convertor that changed a ½” screw fitting into something suitable for clamping a plastic pipe onto. The original convertor was old and a home made part. He eventually went and purchased the correct professional bit that will be a lot more resilient. Personally I think he is still a shopaholic in chandleries.


Anne spent the day making more curtains. I obviously tried to help by sleeping on the nice new curtain material whenever I could. I think she appreciated it as she spent most of the day cleaning my fur off the material. The saloon and aft cabin are both now complete. I love her curtains as it means it stays dark for longer and I can sleep more.


In the evening they went for a walk around the town and took some pictures of the Christmas decorations (see below). This meant I could sleep undisturbed. They then went out to a local Portuguese restaurant with some friends. They both had a whole fish (Stephen had Sea Bass and Anne Dorado), wine and desert all for 15 euros each – a real bargain. They managed to bring some fish back for me and Yoyo. Unfortunately they also bought back their friends. This clearly disturbed my sleep so I went on the boat next door. Meanwhile, “hoover my food up Yoyo” ate the lot! Eventually I got brave and came back and actually socialized with everyone!


They all then left and I fell into some much deserved sleep.



Palm trees decorated with Christmas Tree lights in Lagos



Nativity scene in central Lagos


A picture of the Pipes for Ali; Left is the new part. Right is a tube compression held onto a ½” with an olive. The thin copper pipe bent when I attached the tube and over tightened the jubilee clip hence the leak. The purpose made items have thicker tubing that can be clamped much tighter.