OK..this is now sort of a Revolution

Stephen & Anne
Thu 13 Jan 2011 20:18

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


We woke up this morning – things were fairly quiet. We went for a short walk and most shops were open so we purchased some more credit for the phones. We popped along to see some friends at the English bar to discover trouble still brewing everywhere. Latest rumour is the mob intend to come to Yasmine to burn down the presidents holiday home here in the marina. By lunch time most shops were shut.


We spent the day stowing the boat in case we need to leave quickly.


The bbc news online is only saying there is a problem in the capital Tunis. However nearly every town has riots. Supermarkets, banks and post office are being burnt. The police are still shooting people, 3 were killed last night in the next village. A friends brother in law was shot dead and then given a death certificate saying “natural causes” so another death is not reported. We have heard Tunis airport is now closed.


An ex-pat friend is currently driving home…her facebook says “looters being chased by handful of riot police and tripping over cloths they stole”. It does seem nothing will stop the violence until the president resigns, so I guess it is now a revolution. We have seen videos of protestors pulling down and burning pictures of the president.


Plan A is to go out to the bay and anchor. If things are really bad then plan B is to sail to Sicilly, although we have just found out Mount Etna has erupted. Out of the frying pan and into the fire...


This evening we could smell burning and hear the odd bangs (gunshots) in the distance. The army are on the streets in Hammamet trying to calm things down by telling people they are on their side (unlike the police). A general strike has been called for tomorrow.


Ben Ali, the president has been on TV tonight to say he will resign in 3 years to give the people a chance to form a new government. Heard some car horns (usually a sign of celebration) but lots of unrest still. Hopefully end in sight.