Stephen & Anne
Fri 13 Jun 2008 23:26


38.50.429N 0.07.131E


This morning there was more movement and noise around the port which lead us to believe the industrial action was starting to come to an end. We even saw some fishing boats going out.


As we had invited Pyxis over for dinner on Saturday, we went hunting for food (we have been meaning to invite them for a meal since Lagos, so it’s only taken us 6 months to get round to it). We did see the odd lorry delivering to the supermarkets but the shelves of the shops were still mostly empty of anything other than canned food. The local market meant we could buy the veg, and after some quick adapting of recipes we now have enough food. We did go on quite a long walk to the hypermarket and on our way back found a much larger supermarket. We really need to explore towns more when we arrive! We think by Monday food in the supermarkets should be back to normal.


We did jokingly send Pyxis an email explaining that due to the food rationing we would be serving the ultimate in nouvelle cuisine – main course of a slow cooked grain of rice and desert a cherry with a drop of honey – to share of course!


In the afternoon we relaxed – the heat really makes afternoon activities a non-starter now. In the evening everyone, cats included, started being more active. The boat next door was explored again and guarded by Yoyo. We prepared some food for tomorrow. We have also been washing a few ropes in our new massive rubber bucket (a bargain at 3 euros). The wind in the evening kept picking up then completely dropping off, we weren’t sure what it was going to do over night – we checked our mooring lines to make sure we were OK in case the wind picked up.


We eventually went to bed around midnight once the boat had cooled down.