Stephen & Anne
Sun 14 Oct 2007 11:56

41:11.172N 8:42.338W


Sunday was spent around the boat at the marina in Leixoes. We decided that Porto was too touristy and we had probably seen it the best in twilight. We didn’t even bother going for a port tasting session (the bus loads of tourist put us of).


If we are honest Sunday was a very lazy day – we had great plans of jobs to do on the boat and did none of them. We went to explore Leixoes but it didn’t take very long. The town centre was old buildings that really needed renovating or new apartment blocks along the sea front. Watching the waves crashing in on the beach was quite spectacular but put Anne off wanting to go for a paddle. We did get our feet wet and it was quite cold.


We met an Australian who had been cruising for 10+ years – he was a mine of useful information. Hopefully we will meet up with him again and get some more useful cruising tips.