Gibraltar: The Cat Food Affair

Stephen & Anne
Fri 25 Apr 2008 22:40

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


This morning we were woken up by the phone. We didn’t actually manage to answer it in time, but the caller left a message. It was Morrisons to say the cat food had not been in the delivery. How are we going to break this terrible news to the cats?  Did all the local neighborhood cats break in last night and are now very fat and happy? We suspect Koshka and Yoyo will form a picket line outside Morrisons when they find out.


After the early morning disappointment Anne went into town to buy some curtain weights, we are going to use these on the hatch mosquito nets we are going to make.


Stephen went off to get some spare fan belts (the length has now changed after the alternator pulley changes). The shop didn’t have any but told him to come back at 5pm.


After lunch we took some measurements for the bimini so Anne can start work on that. The weather has improved drastically and so we are in need of more shade. We had a boring afternoon sorting out tax forms.


At 4pm we went along to the marina office – and there in the box was a card from the post office saying this was the final reminder and unless we pick up our letter soon they would return to sender”. Ha – the irony! Unfortunately we couldn’t pick it up as they close at 4pm, hence we need to run along first thing Monday morning.


We decided to make sure we knew where the post office was and then pick up the fan belts. We found the post office and arrived at 5:30pm to pick up the fan belts. They hadn’t arrived yet but would be here soon. Then they would be here in 2 minutes. After another 30 minutes we discussed the difference between Spanish and English minutes with the shop owner. The belts did arrive and we even managed to get some discount as we had to wait so long.


Oh – we managed to take a picture of the runway at Gibraltar – rather unusually it has a road crossing it (with traffic lights in case a plane needs to land). We have to cross the runway on foot to get to Spain.