An Unsettled Day

Stephen & Anne
Sun 16 Jan 2011 13:52

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


Today (Saturday 15th) dawned bright and sunny – a new era for Tunisia.


We have had another quiet day onboard. Stephen popped out to the supermarket this morning, it had been re-stocked (although we later heard they have closed the counter selling alcohol, lucky we went to the vineyard and stocked up!!!!!) All was quiet during the day. Really quiet, no tourists walking around the marina today.


This afternoon it appeared things are deteriorating more and more. Prison break outs and looting are widespread. It appears to be the presidential guards and police causing the trouble as they know they are wanted. The army and most local people are bringing things under control. The police chief in Naebul has been arrested. The security around this area has massively increased – it is no longer discreet snipers on the roofs but coach loads of military heavily armed sat in coaches waiting for tonight. With the situation undecided we decided to get on and get the boat prepared for sailing and keep a close eye on a weather window to leave for Sicily. If we do leave then hopefully after a few months we can return.


We really do like Tunisia and the people and really hope the situation improves quickly. We are aware that the clean up and repairs has started.


Pictures below show how sometimes metal shutters are not enough, so local shop owners take more drastic action to protect their shops. The other photo shows the scouts helping the rebuild.

JPEG image

JPEG image