Cagliari: The First Signs of Spring?

Stephen & Anne
Fri 20 Feb 2009 19:29

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


At last the weather has improved. The winds have been light so we are not being rocked around all the time, most days this week have been blue skies although very chilly. We did have some rain on Wednesday and Thursday but overall a good week! With the weather being good we started on some overdue boat jobs.


We gave Wanda a really good clean (including removing the cooker so we could clean behind it). We also caught up on paper work and emails. On Sunday afternoon we had Julia and Gary (Wild Oats) over for homemade cakes and scones in the afternoon. Monday evening was games night with Richard and Karen (Pyxis). We even let Karen win at Scrabble and ensured everyone won at tri-dominos (what perfect hosts we are!).


On Wednesday it rained so for a treat we decided to make home made bean burgers and cook some chips in the oven (a first for us). We know the oven is not as good as the electric ones in houses, and we kept checking the chips every 15 minutes. We thought 30 – 45 minutes would be enough, however at 1hr 15 minutes we decided to give up and eat them (cooked but not crispy). It was then we realised that the gas had run out (very low flame) hence the oven was not up to temperature. On Friday we tried again with a new gas bottle (home made bean burgers and chips). This time success.


We fitted a new gas detector (it needs the wire hiding behind the boards so still more work on this task). We also fitted a new gas pipe to the cooker (hence wanting a gas detector to make sure we had no leaks). We also refurbished the aft heads pump and started cleaning the pipes – a long job still unfinished as it involved removing the pipes.


After spending the day contorted in small cupboards removing the pipes form the heads we decided to have a day off and went for a walk around town to a few areas we had not been to before. We found an organic food shop – nice but expensive.


Friday was laundry day – it was such a nice day the washing dried really well.


Koshka has really loved the warm weather and has been busy catching up on some much needed sun bathing (aka sleep in a warm place). Yoyo has also been spending time out on deck and exploring the cupboards while we worked.



A game of “canoe polo” in the marina