Stephen & Anne
Sat 15 Mar 2008 23:30

36:36.928N 6:21.243W


Today we woke up at the crack of dawn to explore Rota…and then went back to sleep. The cats then woke up…and went back to sleep. We eventually managed to leave the boat at 10am to go exploring. First stop was Tourist Information. We knew there is a national holiday next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The lady at the tourist office told us all next week is a holiday in Spain. First stop was to get some food for the week! However we couldn’t help but explore some more of the maze of streets and peer into peoples marvelously tiled entrance halls (discreet photos may follow in the next few days).


After a brief stop for lunch on board the boat, we returned to town and found the wifi café. A few beers later and we had caught up with the world at large!


After a relaxing afternoon on board the boat, we then went out to visit the Castle of the Moon built in 1295. We had a nearly personal tour (us and one other group of people) in Spanish – however we had a printed sheet with an English translation. And it was totally free (the Spanish know how to encourage sight seeing). The castle has been completely restored and is now used as the town hall. On our way to the wifi café we saw two wedding parties by the castle. It is the perfect setting for a wedding. The highlight of the tour was the “sewing room”. It has a Moorish domed ceiling and when standing in opposite corners of the room you can whisper and the person at the other side can hear perfectly. No one else in the room can hear what was said.


This evening we had fresh tuna steaks. Actually the cats had fresh tuna steaks and they kindly left us the scraps. However desert was very yummy as we found a very nice Spanish cake shop. It is possible all the walking around today just about wiped out the calories of the cake…maybe. Once again we were shattered and in bed by 9pm – are we ever going to get out late to sample the real Spanish night life?



Inside the courtyard at the castle


View from the top of the castle over Rota


View from the top of the castle over Rota


Some typical tourists on top of the castle at Rota