Lagos: The Duck Man

Stephen & Anne
Wed 26 Dec 2007 22:17

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today’s blog is by Yoyo the cat:


This morning I had a lie in bed with my mum and dad. After cleaning the boat they went out for a walk with Pyxis leaving me and my brother, Koshka, to play and sleep on the boat.


They walked about 5 miles along the beach to the next town of Alvor. On the way back they stopped at a beach bar for a refreshing sangria and some tapas food. They then came back and I downloaded the photos onto the laptop (ie walked over the keyboard). It looked like they had a good time, walking in the sun with t-shirts and shorts instead of the usual winter coats. I’ve selected the best pictures below.


In the evening Karen and the duck man arrived. Some say he came from Pyxis, some say he is just a myth, all I know is he’s called the duck man and he bought me some duck to eat. Now I’ve never had duck before so I went absolutely crazy over it. The duck man is my favorite person now. I think he tried to eat some himself but I was very good at leaping and grabbing the duck out of his hand before it disappeared for ever.


Meanwhile mum and dad, along with Karen and that very nice duck man, had Christmas dinner pizzas. This seemed to involve using all the left over food from Christmas day on pizzas (minus the duck which I managed to eat).


They then played tri-ominoes – a bit like scrabble but with numbers instead of words.


Now you may be thinking I’m obsessed with duck…and you would be right. I just need to start catching my own. Sweet dreams….quack, quack…


p.s. I wish my mum and dad would eat meat



Alvor harbour



The view from the beach bar back at Lagos after our walk