Stephen & Anne
Thu 10 Apr 2008 22:11

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


This morning we woke up to the sound of the wind blowing through the rigging once again. We took advantage of a break in the rain to fill the water tanks and bail out the dingy.


We had the Engineer on board again to complete the work on the gear box and to fit the revised alternator pulley. He found some correct spare seals and refitted the gearbox. We can’t test it until the alternator pulley is fitted.


He fitted the new pulley (version 1.1 - the correct diameter). Immediately you could tell it was not correct – the belts did not line up with the pulley in the engine. We called back the guy who made the pulley – he was confused as he was sure he made it to the same spec (width between belts) as the old pulley. It was then we reralised another reason why the old pulley was wearing he belts out so much – it was wrong. We took the decision to get another pulley made Version 2.0 – hopefully it should be perfect. The first pulley we had made will make a nice (expensive) paperweight.


Meanwhile the wind kept blowing and getting stronger (it was blowing a goof F6/7 occasionally 8). We even had a 43kn gust at one point.


Stephen went off for a walk into town and to the supermarket (cat food hunting). Anne stayed onboard to keep an eye on Wanda and read a book. The rain then started once again.


We had a quiet evening in waiting for our friend Nigel to arrive. His plane was due at 7pm however due to the wind he was diverted to Malaga. Shortly after he was diverted the wind totally dropped and the rain stopped. We successfully picked Nigel up from the coach from Malaga and ensured he was refreshed with a liquid drink J


Koshka and Yoyo have spent the day sleeping, well what else is there for a cat to do on a wet and windy Thursday!



Photo taken from the top of the rock looking down at the cable car (on a previous good weather day!)