Stephen & Anne
Fri 4 Apr 2008 22:34

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


This evening we have invited David & Lisa from Gyatso over for dinner. Stephen spent most of the day cooking in preparation for dinner (he seemed very happy down in the galley for the day creating).


Anne on the other hand took care of the domestic chores and a little retail therapy. She dropped the washing off at the laundry (it was 9kg, no wonder we couldn’t find any clean clothes). She then went into town to see if she could get the bikini she wanted (the shop get deliveries once a week and Friday is the day the items are on the shelf). On her way back she picked up the washing (now even heavier as it was wet). Back at the boat we hung out as much washing as we could with the pegs we had. It was then onto cleaning the boat.


We both had a short interlude to work out where the pipes in the forward heads went and how much pipe we need to buy in order to replace the pipes (The answer is quite a lot of pipe in various sizes). We wanted to double check it was a sensible arrangement and could not be simplified. Our conclusion was it was a very clever design designed to save water but uses lots of pipes to achieve this.


We then started on the finishing touches for dinner.


The dinner menu was:



Tomato, basil and cheese Galettes




Twice baked Goats cheese soufflé

Pesto rice salad

Tomato salad

Rocket salad




Lemon Tart with crème fraiche  


We had a lovely evening. Once again Stephen excelled himself in the galley – it was the first time he has tried soufflés and they worked brilliantly.