Cagliari: Trip back to England

Stephen & Anne
Sat 20 Dec 2008 15:28

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


The lack of the blog was due to a Christmas trip back to the UK. We spent the time visiting relatives and celebrated Anne’s nieces 18th birthday with her. The UK was very cold but mostly dry.


We flew back into Cagliari arriving Saturday evening. Karen and Richard from Pyxis had arranged to meet us at the airport with one of the marina hire cars. We definitely recommend their “meet and greet” service! They have been looking after Koshka and Yoyo while we were away (or was it vice versa?). Yoyo seemed to have trained Karen into feeding her lots of tuna. Regular cat reports were emailed to us in the UK. Our favourite comment was Surprised at how much they can eat - and it's coming out the other end at the same rate too so there is healthy throughput!”


This last week has been warm (relative to the UK) and very wet. We bought another oil heater for the boat and an electric blanket. I’m sure we will be complaining of excess heat this summer!


We managed to sneak in an extra fondue session with Pyxis that ended all wrong J. We found that mixing the local liquor (called limóncello - a lemon based drink) with gin produced a lovely drink. When we ran out of limóncello Stephen boarded Cape looking for more. They denied(*) having any so Stephen came back. Apparently the etiquette was to invite them even if they didn’t have any limóncello. Richard was dispatched to patch up the etiquette mishap and Sarah & David then joined us aboard Pyxis for a few Gin and Tonics.


We and Pyxis also had a meal aboard Cape on Wednesday evening. After the meal the kids were sent to bed while the adults had a quiet game of “who’s in the bag”. Eventually after the kids were shouting out answers from their beds they got up and joined in – we really can’t understand why they couldn’t sleep when all we were doing was shouting out answers!


(*) Footnote: Cape did actually have some limóncello but claimed they forgot about the bottle hidden in their cavernous fridge. Next time Stephen won’t take no for an answer!


Are you sure there’s enough Tuna for a week?


The electric blanket is an immediate hit. Not sure where Anne & Stephen will sleep!