Marina di Ragusa: Ibla Buskers

Stephen & Anne
Sun 14 Oct 2012 17:11

36.46.84N 14.32.74E


This week has been a busy week both on boat jobs and socialising.


The weeks main activity has been to clean, dry and take down and store the sails. During this process we have removed and washed as many ropes as we possibly can. It’s amazing how much dust and sand came out of them. Wanda looks pretty bare now. That sounds quite a small job, but it took most of the week. Luckily the weather has been good so we were able to wash the sails while wearing swimwear, which meant we dried off fairly quickly.


Description: cid:image007.jpg@01CDAA16.8E200D00

Wanda with no sails on.  As you can tell we are still waiting for our winter neighbours to arrive.


On the social front we had an evening with Willi and Christina on PANTA REI they provided typical German dishes for a group of us – of course there were large quantities of wine involved too. The next night we cooked dinner for 7 people on-board Wanda – this was a rather subdued evening as we were all a little tired from the night before. The following evening we were invited to dinner with Holly and Alan on SUMMER WIND. On Friday we had the usual happy hour drinks followed by pizza at one of the local restaurants.


On Friday we were up early to go and see the Targa Florio (see Friday’s separate blog)


Early Saturday morning we were woken up by the sound of rain. While we were trying to decide whether to close the hatches or not, the wind started to howl and we knew we were in for a large thunder storm. The hatches were closed PDQ. By mid-morning the weather had cleared up and we thought we would be OK for the evening trip to Ragusa for the “Ibla Buskers”event.


Ibla Buskers is a festival of street performers. The marina had organised a bus to take us there and back. Unfortunately about 4pm the sky darkened and we had another thunder storm. The rain then looked as if it had settled in for a while. We decided to still go to Ragusa and we had a great evening – albeit wet. 


Description: Description: cid:image006.jpg@01CDAA03.5E83C450

Ibla Buskers – Festival of Street Artists


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In among the streets of the old town of Ragusa Ibla.


Description: Description: cid:image001.jpg@01CDAA03.5E83C450

There were various performers around town (Annes camera flash put the jugglers off and they dropped the clubs just after the photo was taken)


Description: Description: cid:image005.jpg@01CDAA03.5E83C450

Unfortunately due to the rain we didn’t really get to see much of the performances. Every time we got to an area where people were performing the heavens opened …


Description: Description: cid:image003.jpg@01CDAA03.5E83C450

So the umbrellas went up and we did what any sane people would do …


Description: Description: cid:image004.jpg@01CDAA03.5E83C450

… headed inside to the bar for a drink J Along with Vanessa & John from NOSTROMO


Sunday was food shopping, an afternoon of baking savory muffins followed by the Sunday evening pontoon party. Phew what a week J