Bizerte: Fresh Tuna for Yoyo

Stephen & Anne
Thu 11 Jun 2009 14:39

37.16.422N 9.52.817E


After a rest in the afternoon yesterday, we set off for an exploratory walk into town. Anne covered up (long trousers, long sleeved shirt and hat) Stephen put on long trousers. We soon realised that Anne didn’t need to cover up quite so much. There is an interesting mixture of traditional and western dress here. We saw quite a few groups of young women, some wearing the traditional long robes and headscarves and the others wearing jeans and western short sleeved tops.


We found the Souk quite quickly and were impressed with the fresh vegetables available. With it being afternoon the fish market was not at its best so we decided to visit again in the morning.


Later in the evening we invited Chris and Sue from Silver Finn over for a drink, as they were leaving in the morning.


This morning we headed back to the Souk and Fish Market. We bought a kilo of fresh Tuna (for us and to keep Yoyo happy) - it’s less than £5 per kilo, and some fresh veg (also very cheap). At first we struggled with the money, failing to spot the numbers on the coins. By the end of the morning we had got the coins worked out. It’s a little confusing having a currency that has the small part divided by 1000 rather than 100. (there are 1000 millimes in 1 Dinar).  


We then explored more of the town, finding the internet café and the supermarket. It was interesting using an Arabic keyboard, luckily it also had western letters, but the symbols were a little hard to find.


We are starting to get used to speaking French. We are OK on the “hello”, “how are you?” bits then it starts getting difficult!!  We need to dig out our phrase book and dictionary.


It gets very hot by noon so we are having siesta’s in the afternoon. Luckily we seem to get a breeze starting about noon so it does help keep the boat cool.