Cala De Santa Ponsa -> Soller (Mallorca)

Stephen & Anne
Fri 1 Aug 2008 06:36

39.47.625N 2.41.493E


Thursday: Today we said goodbye to Pyxis and laden with chicken for the cats we left – we do feel as though we only meet with Pyxis so our cats are fed treats!


We headed off up the coast, past Dragonera Island, round the corner and along to Soller. We had a lovely motor. We had a bit of wind for about half an hour – but not enough to sail in. The sea was totally flat. We enjoyed the sail (motor) along the North coast of Mallorca, the scenery is beautiful. We arrived in Soller at 4pm hoping to get into the marina; we put ourselves on the waiting list and went off to anchor in the bay.


We had a few goes at getting the anchor down properly. First of all we tried a space and ended up a bit too close to another boat - we didn’t touch them. We then went a bit further forward and had a few goes at getting the anchor to set (dig into the ground). After a while we had a well set anchor and plenty of space around us. We then sat and waited for our call to go to the marina – at 8:30 pm after asking again we gave up and decided we would stay at anchor over night. While we were waiting lots of other boats came in, both for the marina and the anchorage. The anchorage is now pretty full and we have boats closer than we would like – but probably far enough away in these light winds and no swell.


Soller is a very pretty natural harbour, which looks as if it is now a small holiday resort. No jet skis or boats playing and creating wash here.


This evening we sat on deck enjoying the evening with some background jazz playing somewhere on the shore. Koshka and Yoyo had some more chicken courtesy of Pyxis.