Lagos: The Long Shortcut

Stephen & Anne
Fri 22 Feb 2008 22:18

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Friday was another wet and windy day in Lagos.


We braved the weather to go to the Hotel for Internet connection and then had a day doing paper work on the boat.


This evening we went out with Charles and Jules from DaySpring. Even though it was raining and a howling gale we decided to head off to an Italian restaurant we had not been to before (Charles & Jules had been before and we had walked past it numerous times). Jules was adamant she knew a short cut – so off we went following Jules in the opposite direction we would have taken. After climbing up to the top of the hill, we then headed down the other side. We knew at this stage we had gone a much longer route and so we took over with navigation – otherwise we thought we would have still been walking round Lagos following Jules on her “shortcut” the following morning. We soon found the restaurant and had a lovely meal.


Afterwards we decided we were not going to follow Jules’ directions - we were going back our way! Within a few minutes of setting off Jules admitted that our route was much shorter and actually the restaurant wasn’t that far away. We all had a good laugh about it and actually quite enjoyed the long walk to work up an appetite. To be fair to Jules, her “shortcut” was a short cut if travelling by car – however as a pedestrian you can go places cars can’t.


=== Addendum by Jules….her version / excuses ===


When Wandering Dragon threatened to wander we thought we should mark to occasion by dining out and Italian would be just the job. I knew just the place…a little bit of a step out but nothing to worry about.  The weather was foul but never mind we were in high doesn't take much!


So over the bridge, through the bus station and after a little dispute about whether we should turn left or right  we turned left..I knew the windmill on the way to the restaurant was up there somewhere......


Charles was giving me 'looks'  that as far as I could tell meant 'just you wait til I get you home', so, I was on a promise too...... the night could only get better!

Stephen remarked that we would soon be at InterMarche on the other side of town...couldn't see it myself and men always exaggerate don't they. Anne started to complain...her feet were getting wet...I reminded her that Crocs had rather large holes in them and in order to let the water run out. They also have the canny knack of letting the water in. Then she had sand in the cracks in her SANDals.....well what can one say!  


By this time we had reached the windmill.  A sudden nasty feeling swept over me as it appeared to be a little different than I had remembered it..

It was all downhill from there on though.  I think they liked the food...and of course the company is everything isn't it....