Stephen & Anne
Wed 14 Nov 2007 22:29

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today was a day to settle in. We went and paid for our stay – we have decided on a 3 month visit here in Lagos. We then went for coffee and biscuits with Richard and Karen from Pyxis. We met them in the UK when we were learning to sail and have stayed in touch since. We then washed the decks and enabled internet connection from the boat. In the afternoon we explored a little.


The weather is ok – quite warm but a little windy. In the evening Stephen had to wear long trousers for the first time!


Tonight we went to a “Mysteries of the Multimeter” talk given by the local UK live aboards. Or rather Stephen went to the talk and Anne sat outside chatting with other wives! Stephen concluded he knew virtually everything the guy said already (he did learn a neat trick to find out if you have shore power connected - the RCD test function will not work if there is no shore power).


Koshka has settled in very well exploring on deck a lot – he clearly likes it here hence our decision to stay a long time. Yoyo settles in anywhere now! She was eyeing up a local bird that came to land on our boat. Guess how she will next go in the water?