Lagos: The Airport Run

Stephen & Anne
Mon 14 Jan 2008 22:18

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Alan & Nigel returned to the UK today. So of course the weather was beautiful blue skies and sun.


We picked them up from their apartment and set off to Faro. We had a couple of stops at DIY stores for bits for the sink on the way. We dropped them off at the airport with plenty of time to spare – they wanted to get something to eat before the flight and also wanted to check out the duty free shops, as this was the only way they would be able to get wine and port back to the UK. Unfortunately the wine and port were higher than UK prices in the duty free shop so not worth bothering with.


We went onto the Faro shopping centre for lunch and a quick run round the Jumbo supermarket. We then drove back to Lagos. Once back on board the boat we had a relaxing afternoon giving Koshka and Yoyo the chance to run about (they’d been cooped up for the past couple of days with the weather being bad and us being out).


Stephens idea of a quiet afternoon was fixing the kitchen sink with the new bits he bought. Unfortunately he didn’t get all the bits but was confident the old bits would screw together with the new bits. Anyway we are now waiting for the Araldite to set to see if his hack works (for those of you not use to plumbing, glue is definitely not a standard part of a professional plumbers kit). Anyway he needs to find all the bits and redo it properly in the near future – hopefully the quick fix will last until then.


We then both had a quiet evening in with Pizza and DVD