Stephen & Anne
Thu 13 Sep 2007 19:23

50:21.84N 4:07.88W


After a good nights sleep we were both feeling pleased with our passage from Brighton and so started looking at the next hop. We were trying to decide whether to go to France or head straight for Spain. In the end we decided the weather didn’t look quite right for the trip to Spain so we will most likely head to France on Saturday (weather depending).


We started to get the boat prepared for the next leg with a trip to the fuel pontoon to fill up with diesel. We also needed to turn Wanda around which we did by hand. Turning her around nearly worked perfectly apart from forgetting to have stern lines on both sides (we did remember to have two bow lines). Hence at one point Wanda was drifting off into the marina on her own! Anyway Anne jumped on, secured a line and all went well.


The cats are getting into the routine of life on board. When the engine starts they both head for their passage berths even though we only went a few hundred meters to the fuel pontoon!!  (Koshka has decided the nav seat is his passage berth – we still need to train him to plot our position each hour).


Yoyo has been practicing her helicopter spotting technique and Stephen thinks she can now tell the difference between the helicopters. Anne believes that Yoyo must see them as very large noisy birds and wonders what they taste like.


We went on a tour around the Plymouth Gin distillery today – highly recommended (the gin and the tour!). We also had a walk around Plymouth Hoe.