Cagliari: The Fishing Boat Story & Koshka Gets Drunk!

Stephen & Anne
Fri 6 Feb 2009 15:50

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Another fairly quiet week. We started getting back into the swing of jobs around the boat and stocked up on our supplies. On Thursday we decided to attack our large mound of washing – so with Stephen manning the washing machine Anne was kept busy running in and out pegging out the laundry. It was a bit blustery so plenty of pegs were required!


Mid afternoon Stephen went off for a walk to the rubbish bin (what and exciting life we lead!!) He noticed lots of activity on the mole and realised they were getting ready to refloat a fishing boat that had sunk overnight. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the boat being recovered (along with the odd trip back to the boat to finish the washing!!).


Not wanting to have a dull evening, we accidentally spilt a whole glass of red wine over Koshka. He wasn’t amused! We carefully cleaned him before he cleaned himself too much and got drunk. We also had quite a clean up around the boat soaking up red wine that went everywhere – Koshka didn’t stay still when he was soaked with the wine. It’s a good job he isn’t white!



The fishing boat looking rather sorry for itself… divers were in the water attaching lifting lines


.. after a while the lifting operation started. Notice the arrival of more and more fire brigade, coast guard and Navy


Attaching a frame and proper slings to lift the boat out.


A pause in the lifting to pump out the water


The boat safely on land


The clean up operation continues to remove oil and diesel from the area.