Marina di Ragusa to Syracuse: Yes ... we have finally moved

Stephen & Anne
Sun 8 Jun 2014 19:16

37.03.551N 15.16.850E


As we had finished the "winter projects" it was time to make the final preparations for our summer travels. This took slightly longer than expected but finally we were ready.


This morning we cast of our lines and headed out of Marina di Ragusa. The worst thing that happened as we left this year was Anne broke a nail. (Well it was quite a bad break in a very short nail - and it hurts :(   )


The seas were calm and we were all very happy, until Stephen wanted to take the auto pilot off so he could avoid a fishing pot. Agghhhh - the wheel would not move. Arthur the auto helm would not let go. We tried switching him off at the power source and then back on again, but still Arthur had control. That's OK we can cope with that while we are out at sea, not so good in a marina. So we decided to carry on our way to the anchorage. As a precaution we decided to empty the lazarette (our incredibly large locker on the back of the boat) so we could manually remove the auto helm from the rudder controls, as this should free the steering.


Capo Passerro


The weather forecast said we should have very low winds down to Capo Passero, which we did. It got a bit bumpy with wind on the nose round the corner, but then it settled again. The forecast was for North Easterly's, but we were getting South Westerly’s. This was good for us. Unfortunately somewhere there had been strong North Easterly's and as we approached Syracuse we hit the residual swell, which slowed us down considerably.


After a long day we anchored in Syracuse bay. To be honoured by a firework display in daylight?? !


Yoyo was a star


She wasn't very happy for the first two hours, but after that she was out in the cockpit with us. Mid afternoon it got a bit hot for her so she went for a sleep in the salon. As we got closer to Syracuse and it got bumpier, she went and hid in the bedroom.


She is now happily sitting on deck enjoying the view of Syracuse.