Viana do Castelo

Stephen & Anne
Wed 10 Oct 2007 22:37

41:41.616N 8:49.323W


This morning Stephen did the laundry. This mostly involved running between the machines and the office trying to figure out why they didn’t work (mostly user error!!). He also realised that the facilities had marble tops so he’s quite happy again in his decadence!


We then checked the engine, worked out the passage plan for the next stop and then relaxed.


In the late afternoon, (it was far tot hot to do anything during the middle of the day), we went exploring. We bought the cats a catnip toy so they are happy / high. We also discovered the funicular now works so we will explore that tomorrow (thanks to Michele for the web site link). In summary our guide books are 100% wrong about everything (bridges that have being built, funiculars are now restored and working).


This evening we had Mistletoe over for a few quiet drinks. We even ended up with a half bottle of gin left over! Finally we watched a local demonstration. Our Portuguese is not too good and as far as we could tell they were chanting “who’s got scary legs”. I’m sure in Portuguese it means something totally different.


In summary we discovered the Portuguese really don’t like the Spanish and do everything different, eg different time zone, no siesta (much to Stephens consternation), meals finish at 9pm etc etc.


Viana de Castelo is a really old town, with many buildings from the 16th century. It was where port was first exported from. Its heyday was in the 17th century!


We are now being buffeted around by power boats (marina security) running in and out of the marina – probably for a film – we really wish they would stop!!