Denia: Revenge of the Crocs

Stephen & Anne
Tue 10 Jun 2008 22:03

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


Late last night it rained heavily and the swell picked up. We needed to go out to sort out the paserelle. Stephen managed to fall – he should have put on his proper deck shoes instead of the Crocs which were to hand but worn and hence slippery. Anne practiced her nursing skills and Stephen was packed off to bed. One worn croc ended up in the sea – the other was dispatched to the bin today!


This morning Stephen hobbled around the boat, his bruises starting to turn a nice shade of purple. He has also realised how much you use your little finger (it is rather bruised after his fall). We have now sorted out the ropes; no amount of swell or wind will mean any adjustments need to be done again – hopefully.


Anne meanwhile swung into action and made another hatch cover for the forward hatch. The sewing machine noise drowned out some of Stephen’s whines.


This evening was a quiet night in – well apart from Stephen going ouch every few minutes.


We had noticed the yellow ferry (that got very close yesterday) is still tied up against the harbour wall. It may have engine problems or the captain may have had his license removed after bad maneuvering yesterday!! At lunch time there were a lot of lorries honking their horns over by the ferry. We are not sure what it was all about – we suspect it was to do with the industrial action happening in Spain at the moment, or it may have been a protest at the bad driving of the ferry captain!