Cagliari: Party Party Party

Stephen & Anne
Fri 21 Nov 2008 21:42

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


The social calendar has been in full swing this week.


Saturday – after recovering from the Pizza night it was Party night here at the Marina. It was someone’s birthday and one of the long tem residents was heading off to Australia for the winter. We all took along some food and so created a fantastic international style buffet. There was a live band playing, lots of drinking and dancing. We didn’t manage to stay to the end of the party (it finished at 3am)


We spent lots of time having goodbye nights with Lynn & Lon, an American couple we met including: drinks on cape; a night out at the pizza restaurant (obviously not as good as Wandering Dragons pizzas) followed by a final farewell of drinks on Pyxis. We also watched their boat being lifted out of the water by crane.


The rest of the week was a mixture of odd jobs on the boat, shopping for food, washing and getting the boat ready for a strong storm that is predicted for this weekend (more ropes!).


Koshka and Yoyos playground was lifted out of the water – at least they had a really good explore before it went (see photos below).



Koshka and Yoyo on their playground - the boat next door. Yoyo is on the boom and looking to climb higher


Koshka (on our boat) playing with the ropes


Last Fridays pizza production line – Stephen is directing Bethany and Bryn to make them quicker!