Stephen & Anne
Fri 7 Sep 2007 20:10

50:48.644N 00:06.218W


Today’s blog by Koshka, the cat.


The day started like any other, noise from the big engine in the new house and mum & dad running around on the roof. Then we started to move again…why won’t they stay in one place. I heard some comments about a 10/10 maneuver. The good news is we stopped again after a few minutes, some more running around and a shout of 8/10. This new place in Brighton marina is much quieter - I wonder why they didn’t find this quiet spot last night.


They met some other people who also own a floating Oyster house today and they came and disturbed my sleep.


At least today they took away all those smelly clothes and brought back lots of clean smelling ones instead and changed the sheets on our bed! I must say it is annoying mum and dad sleep in our bed.


Rumor has it we will stay here a few days to let Yoyo and I settle down – no doubt they will be making noise and doing jobs round the home and commenting how much better my home is.


My little sister, Yoyo is on deck getting dive bombed by the sea gulls…I bet she pounces and goes overboard soon, Mum & Dad are having dinner on Deck this evening , bet Yoyo will be after their Tuna as usual.


Anyway, must go back to sleep now.