Lagos: The Company Christmas Night Out

Stephen & Anne
Thu 20 Dec 2007 13:24

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today it rained and is still very windy. Looking on the bright side, at least it wasn’t lightening although we still did hear distant rumble occasionally.


After getting cabin fever we had to escape for a while between the rain storms. We went out and managed to dodge the worst downpours by hiding in shops.


Even the cats braved the wind and light rain to go on deck to stretch their little legs. Koshka jumped onto the boat next door although he was not too happy with the leap as the boat were rocking.


In the afternoon we cleaned the boat.


This evening was the marina’s Christmas party held in one of the local restaurants. 92 people attended – we honestly didn’t realise that many people were living on board their boats in the marina.


After an “interesting” meal, the prize giving started. After 10 minutes it became clear that every boat had won a prize. The only interesting thing now was listening to the reasons, that became more and more bizarre, as to why each boat had won. I think Wandering Dragon won as we were the last boat to arrive this winter!


Finally we were treated to a one man band – he played and sang all the classic pop songs for several hours – actually he was very good and impressive.


It’s fair to say we had one or two drinks. However unlike a companies Christmas bash, there was no manager, no politics, you didn’t need to behave perfectly in case you lost your job (well I suppose we could have been kicked out of the marina if we were very bad but we weren’t so we can stay!).


The marina staff were brilliant giving each boat a present although we are still trying to work out what it is! The boat that won the Christmas decoration was the one the marina staff identified as costing them the most money in electricity bills (they had lots of lights!).


The only downside to the evening was getting soaked to and from the meal even though it was only a few hundred yards from the boat.