Stephen & Anne
Sat 19 Jan 2008 22:03

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Well we have now had more complaints that we don’t do the blog every day…we will try better. To catch up here is a summary of the last few days:




We went through our emails and paperwork to make sure everything was up to date and in order.

In the afternoon we finally finished off the cockpit cushions – without creating too much of a snow scene (we filled them with polystyrene beads and usually the beads go absolutely everywhere). Now we just need some good weather to try them out.




The good weather started. But no chance to try out the cockpit cushions as we had too many jobs to do.


Stephen worked on the “plumbing” and changed the pipe work so that the Watermaker outlet was no longer shared with the bilge outlet. This means there is no chance of bilge water entering water maker if one way valve failed (if it had happened it would have meant a new watermaker and they are not cheap). Now we jut need to work out how to get the bilge outlet through into the shower. He is also asking Ali (who’s day job is a Technical Architect but in reality is an expert plumber, roofer, electrician etc etc and is really missing his vocation) to help track down a difficult to find plumbing bit for under the sink – essentially converting a standard sink drain into a 19mm flexible pipe with no u bend in as little space as possible.


Anne meanwhile did various jobs, tidying the aft of the boat, laundry etc. drying out the lazzerette locker and cleaning the cockpit. The weather was beautiful and warm she even put on a bikini top while working outside!!


This evening we went out for an Italian meal with some friends. The Italian is our favorite restaurant – the food is fantastic and reasonably priced.




Stephen went off to the market while Anne did more laundry – it’s amazing how it builds up when especially when you are reliant on the weather to get it dried.


Stephen spent the day playing while Anne started t-cutting and polishing more of the GRP on the boat under the glaring heat of the sun. To all those at home in the UK with the rain, sorry but the weather here is brilliant.


Stephens playing involved soldering together some of the latest LEDs imported from Seol before he left. They are extremely bright and use little power. Next step is to work out how to fit them into some light fittings. Anyway the result is a tiny bulb that generates the same amount of light as a 60W bulb and uses 5W of power and is really tiny (see picture below).



The weather over the last few days has been perfect, clear blue skies although cold at night. The cats seem to spend most of the day either sun bathing of exploring new bits of the boat as Stephen opens up the bilges. Their favorite place is on top of the spray hood. We need to redesign this now to have more support – our two cats weigh more than it was design t hold (ie nothing). Yoyo is certainly “filling out” now – I guess it must be all that fish she gets! Mind you Koshka is slimming down a little due to not being able to steal food from the neighbours cats. Overall there is no weight change.




Tiny LED light Stephen has built