Stephen & Anne
Tue 11 Mar 2008 16:25

37:07.864N 6:49.911W


The quiet night in didn’t happen last night. The barometer fell 4mb in a couple of hours and the winds picked up. We think the sudden depression surprised several fishing vessels as they arrived in Mazagon late in the night and stayed until dawn (Mazagon is a safe port in bad weather). Even short range forecasts can be badly wrong sometime. We decided not to leave today – the seas would be choppy after last night and we want to re-examine the forecasts in more detail.


Later in the morning we went to the supermarket and had a brilliant view over the sea – not a ripple could be seen and gentle wind was blowing – perfect for sailing! By this time we had paid for another night and decided to stay anyway. Is there no escape from Mazagon?


This afternoon Anne replaced some old ropes for new on some fenders, splicing and whipping away to her hearts content. Stephen played with the engine trying to sort problems of old.


This evening WILL be quiet watching DVDs!