Lagos - Sagres again!

Stephen & Anne
Fri 25 Jan 2008 20:53

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we took the parents out for a drive. We went to Sagres and Cabo Sao Vincente. Once again the men were fishing from the top of the cliffs. Below are some photos so you can get a real feel for how dangerous it is.


The weather was much better than last time we went with Alan & Nigel. The wind was quite strong though so we didn’t do too much walking about on the cliff tops. We did spend some time watching the waves crash onto the beach below. We’ve never seen waves breaking with spray being blown off the tops of them – the picture says it all.


At Fortaleza de Sagres there is the 'Wind Rose' (Rosa dos Ventos). It is a large circle (140 feet in diameter - 40 metres) marked out with 48 radiating points in stone. Its purpose is still unclear. (This bit was from another web site describing the Wind Rose – educational bit over)


After going to the fort we drove onto Cabo Sao Vincente and stopped at one of the beaches to watch the surfers for a while. We then went into Sagres for some lunch. Over lunch we watched the wind and kite surfers skidding across the bay.


Finally we returned to Lagos and had a quiet evening in.



Fishing Portuguese style


Fishing Portuguese style


Spray is been blown off the top of the waves


 Church bells at Fortaleza de Sagres




Rosa dos Ventos (Wind Rose) at Fortaleza de Sagres