Lagos: On Your Marks...

Stephen & Anne
Tue 26 Feb 2008 22:55

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today was a hive of activity on Wanda. Rigging was re-set up along with a few tweaks and some new toys to play with. We dried the boat out from all the rain, did a supermarket dash, checked the engine, failed again to get the shower to pump out (Stephen is now on plan 5), washed the sheets, stowed everything that can fly about and made sure the boat was ship shape.


We said our goodbyes to everyone, and Yoyo and Koshka visited “their” personal boat next door for the last time. We’ll check the weather again in the morning to see if its still ok to move on.


Oh…summer arrived today. It was hot and we now need to start using sun cream. The cats slept all day as it was too hot for them to move. It is such a stark difference from the rain and winds over the last few days.