Stephen & Anne
Tue 6 Nov 2007 15:55

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


After the party from the night before, today was cleaning the cooker day. Some of Delia’s recipes don’t work too well on a gimbaled cooker – bet she never thought of that when writing the book! Anyway to cut a long story short Anne spent the day cleaning the cooker. Stephen helped by using the metal polish on it to bring it back to new.


We also changed the air filter and oil in preparation for leaving (yes we really will leave Cascais soon!).


We invited over another English couple and their daughter Sam (who is off to Sandhurst) for a quick G&T at sunset. We went to bed at midnight. It was more of a very slow G&T (or maybe many quick G&T’s – we can’t quite remember).