Stephen & Anne
Sat 1 Sep 2007 18:44

52:02.01N 01:09.10E


We can’t believe it’s been a week since the last blog entry. We’ve been busy working 12 hour days doing loads of jobs on the boat in preparation for setting off – at last the end is now in sight!. Anne is now an expert in Spinlock clutches and can assemble them blindfolded in her sleep J


The cats have had their first experience of “seeing the land move” as we motored up and down the river to check the pitch of the propeller. Koshka went and hid in the forward shower and Yoyo went and sat on the forepeak bunk. We’re not sure how they will take to more movement while sailing – we’ll have to wait and see. They did appear to settle down quickly once we were moored up again.


Naturally the pitch on the propeller was wrong so the boat needed lifting out of the water to change the pitch. One boat + two cats who just got use the land moving left/right now see land moving up/down!


The cats have settled in quite well and have spent the last 3 evenings exploring the decks at dusk (including sticking their heads over the edge to see what is down there). So far no splashes, we think we need to credit them with more intelligence than we sometimes do as we are sure they realise they are surrounded by water.