Porto Teulada -> Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy)

Stephen & Anne
Fri 22 Aug 2008 06:22

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


Today we set off to Cagliari. In the morning there was no wind – so we had to motor. On our way across the bay into Cagliari the wind picked up to around 20 knots – just what we wanted for mooring!!


When we arrived at the marina we were beckoned over to a mooring space. It wasn’t at the marina we wanted but we were tired and decided we could go in there for one night. However the person helping on the pontoon really was not happy we didn’t get in first time – does he not understand prop kick and gusts of wind make life difficult.


Stephen was cool as ice and on the third attempt we were looking good, maybe not perfectly straight, but ready to moor. However despite Anne throwing a line he was still not happy and threw it back to us!


The guy then walked off the pontoon. We then went to the other marina further on (that we intended to go to all along). While docking the original guy from the first marina appeared with his rib – not happy we had moved to the other marina! We told him we had changed our minds and managed to moor perfectly first time,


We then walked to all the marinas in Cagliari and decided we had picked the best.


Our walk into town was up to our earlier standard of failing to find town. Even armed with a map we didn’t really find the center of town. We have put this down to being tired and will try again another day. Cagliari is Sardinias capital. We have got used to small towns and this is a B I G town!!! Italian driving for real - cars with only two speeds go and stop (and in that order). Hopefully lots for us to explore.


We intend to stay several weeks here so our blogs, as usual during long stays, will be downgraded from “daily” to “when something interesting happens”.