Calo de s´Oli (Formentera) -> Cala De Santa Ponsa (Mallorca)

Stephen & Anne
Tue 29 Jul 2008 07:49

39.30.891N 2.28.150E


Skipper Yoyo here:


After mum and dad failed to get the weather right after leaving Denia (and we waited ages as well), I’m now in charge. I didn’t look at the weather charts – instead I used my instinct. It said there would be more tuna in Mallorca – so off we went (we are down to only 111 days supply left). I ordered the crew to make a 6am start as it was a long way. Naturally the wind speed and direction were absolutely perfect (southerly 10-14kn) and the sea state was calm. I really enjoyed the passage.


We arrived without incident at 6pm. Now being a curious cat, I selected a harbour to anchor in that had lots of things to look at – in other words it was crowded. Mum and dad weren’t happy anchoring so close to other boats. There were lots of people “playing on the water” in their speed boats that I could stare at – I don’t think mum and dad like the tourist season. To be fair, I did have a tip off that the “duck man” on Pyxis would be here and I might get an extra special treat. Unfortunately they have not arrived yet – but may do tomorrow.


Naturally as skipper I demanded and got the crew to serve me tuna after we had anchored. I kindly shared it with Koshka (who slept through the whole passage).


The engine room stayed totally dry – tightening the anti-siphon valve pipes did the trick.