Cascais to Sines

Stephen & Anne
Sun 11 Nov 2007 08:45

37:57.046N 8:51.979W


On Sunday we actually left Cascais and sailed to Sines, about 50 miles south.


The sea state was quite choppy as we had wind blowing over the normal wave swell. Poor Yoyo, “our natural sea cat”, was seasick. At least now we recognize her meeow that means she is about to be seasick. However we did have a brilliant sail on a beam reach. Anne had done the navigation for this journey and calculated it to be a 9 hour sail at 6 knots, ETA 17:00. We had easily been doing over 6 knots for a couple of hours when Stephen checked the eta on the chart plotter. It was estimating an ETA of 18.00 which was not good as it would be dark. We cracked on motor sailing at 7.5+ knots. Anne then did a watch, and checked the chart plotter – we hadn’t changed the time since the clocks went back! We arrived early at 16:30.


After we passed the headland we had the waves and wind behind us and things settled down to the normal sailing conditions. Yoyo settled down and slept the rest of the way. Oh, guess what, Koshka slept the whole passage as normal.


Carl & T were still here in Sines as they weren’t feeling too well. It was a lovely welcome to see them on the pontoon waving us in.


While preparing tea Stephen split a little boiling water on his finger (new directive from Anne – always use a colander in future). Hence we played doctors and nurses. The burn jel worked very well and as it was only a minor scald he was ok. We then had an early night.