Stephen & Anne
Fri 26 Oct 2007 13:47

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Stephen’s blog:


On Friday we went into Lisbon. Shopped. Looked at the sights. Came home.


Koshka’s blog:


Mum and dad were away all day. They think I spent the time sleeping. Little did they know….


Yoyo’s blog:


Slept all day. When mum and dad came home I meowed like mad but still no tuna appeared. Mum & Dad bought home a net that I can use to climb out of the water. They intend to attach it to the bathing platform and use some weights to keep one end in the water.


Anne’s blog:


Friday we went into Lisbon. The train runs every 20 minutes from Cascais and takes about ½ hour to get into Lisbon (and it only cost 3 euro return). We ambled through the streets of Baixa window shopping. After lunch we went up a very elaborate lift – which basically just gets you up the hill. Even though we had return tickets we decided to walk down. We then decided we had done enough walking and headed back to the station.


On our way back to the boat we met Kate. She had just arrived from Bayona and was flying back to the UK on Saturday. She came over later for drinks, to catch up with the places we had been to since Bayona. (Kate had sailed direct from Bayona to Cascais).





Lift in Lisbon – it does actually go somewhere



View from the top of the lift. Yes the square is black and white wiggly lines – not a place to be if you are drunk!