Cameret Sur Mer (still)

Stephen & Anne
Sat 22 Sep 2007 18:57

48:16.75N 4:35.36W


We woke up to a beautiful morning – clear blue sky and sun. So we went for a walk into town for Croissants and a Baguette (at last we are getting into the French way of life). We had delicious croissants and coffee for Anne and Croissants and Coke for Stephen. With it being such a beautiful day there was only one thing to do – day 4 with our heads in bilge!!  Actually we had checked the weather and there is the possibility that early next week would be a good time to cross the Bay – so we want to make sure we are fully ready to go.


In the end the whole day was taken up sorting out bilge pumps – electric and manual – and we still have work to do on them tomorrow. First we raided the forward heads bilge pump (shower pump really), wired it up, switched it on …..and ….. nothing. Are the electrics in the engine room faulty? We wired it back up in the shower room ….. and ….. nothing. We really had managed to kill yet another bilge pump. Next plan of action was to sneak up behind the pump in the aft heads, snatch it and fit it quickly in the engine room before it could fail. We turned it on…..and success it worked.


We then removed the old manual bilge pump (the deck fitting has been leaking badly for a while). After a few hours we read the instructions and realised that the bolt we were trying to remove had its head well and truly underneath the teak deck – unusual for this boat. Hence it was impossible to remove. However with the help of Stephen’s favorite tool, his Fein Multimaster, it was removed.


As it was now 6pm it was time for a G&T (we had been waiting for a nice day to crack open the Plymouth Gin). Two G&T’s later we have written the blog – so apologies for the rambling.


The cats have stuck to their typical roles – Koshka has slept all day and Yoyo has been on deck. Even in France she is attracting attention from other boat owners (but now we have no idea what they are saying). Yoyo also explored the engine room today – does anyone know how to get oil out of a black cat and fur balls out of the pistons of a Volvo engine?