Stephen & Anne
Wed 16 Jan 2008 22:13

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


The weather over the last 2 days has been a mixture of blue skies and grey skies with the odd shower.


We did manage to get one load of washing dry before the rain started on Tuesday. On Tuesday we were sorting out the list of things we need to buy to complete the remaining jobs. We have also worked out where to get them from and so orders have been sent off. In the afternoon we went off in search of an electronics shop. We failed to find the shop and ended up having a very long walk around the residential area of Lagos. We then had a quiet evening in.


Wednesday was much of the same really. We went to the hotel for the internet as the connection on the boat was not working. Even the hotel internet seemed slow. In the afternoon we did some cleaning and tidying on the boat. The evening was taken up with a quiz night. We made up a team with Charles and Jules. We didn’t do badly enough to get the booby prize, but we weren’t too far off!!!! We blame it on the lack of science and geography questions.