Carloforte (Sardinia, Italy)

Stephen & Anne
Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:10

39.08.800N 8.18.693E


Today we gave Wanda a good check over after the last passage. The stay sail furling line had simply caught and hence would not unfurl – freeing it took seconds – another lesson learnt.


The front navigation light wire had totally corroded. I’m no expert in corrosion but when you touch a wire and it falls into dust then I safely assumed it was “past its sell by date”. Clearly it had shorted and melted the wire – however with all the water crashing onto the bow there was never going to be a fire. Another item to add to the check list.


We checked the other running backstay support rope and sure enough it too was about to fail. These two thin ropes were the only two we didn’t replace when we bought Wanda. Running repairs are in effect until we can replace the ropes. We then checked the engine – that was OK.


Hopefully Wanda is now ok and ready to take us on our next passage.


You may be shocked but tonight’s dinner was not fresh pasta and fresh pesto. It was fresh pasta with fresh tomatoes and smoked salmon. We’ll get fed up of pasta soon. Yoyo naturally had the largest portion of smoked salmon out of all four of us, plus her normal tin of tuna. She is currently on deck as she can smell another boat cooking fish. I feel they may “loose” it if she finds her way on board their boat.


We do feed or cats normal food, but a certain Yoyo just can’t get enough fish (in case you didn’t realise already).


This evening once again there was the mad rush of boats returning from a day out. At one point the centre of the marina looked a bit like Piccadilly circus, with boats waiting to moor.


Typical rush hour in the marina at Carloforte – 5 boats all maneuvering looking for a place to berth