Stephen & Anne
Tue 18 Mar 2008 22:33

36:36.928N 6:21.243W


Today’s blog is by Yoyo the cat…she’s complained she hasn’t been allowed to do a blog for a long time….


This morning we woke up early to another beautiful day. Mum and Dad promised not to leave us alone all day like yesterday. After a morning inspection of the boat, Koshka went down below to check on his dreams (ie go back to sleep again….what is it with him and sleep). I was awake and watched the sea gulls. I’m sure I can catch one some day.


Mum and Dad then went food shopping so I was locked down below. They don’t trust me to be out on my own after the last “water” episode. They were back an hour later so it was back to sea gull and fish watching for me. I even jumped down onto the pontoon for a sniff around. After their lunch (in which I got NO tuna) the horrible engine started. I ran down below. We didn’t move. Very strange! It ran for a good hour – I even came back on deck and we were definitely not moving. Then Dad turned the engine off (yippee) and started playing in the engine room. I tried to play in the engine room as well but he wouldn’t let me so I watched him carefully all afternoon. Sometimes as he was kneeling I would climb on his back for a closer look.


He seemed to be extracting some thick black liquid out of a very thin pipe using a vacuum pump…it took him hours to do this. He also checked lots of other bits as well. Mum meanwhile cleaned the boat and changed the bed sheets – I love to roll around in new sheets J


This evening I got tuna (yummy). The only problem is they always give half to Koshka. I eat mine quickly so I can then eat my other half that Koshka is eating.


Mum and Dad had an email from someone who visited Fox’s last week…I’ve been told to say hello to Kareen and thank you for reading about my adventures.


Mum and Dad are very kind…they put something on the boat that attracts all the fishes.

Now how can I catch them without getting wet?


A street in Rota…you can see the marina with fish in it!


Another street in Rota…boring picture as I can’t see any fish on this one


Mum loves all the Flamenco dress shops….I wonder if she will still love them if my dad buys her one!