Marina di Ragusa: Arrival

Stephen & Anne
Thu 8 Sep 2011 10:38

36.46.84N 14.32.74E


Bright and early after a good nights sleep we awoke and moved Wanda into the correct berth. The marinaros were very friendly and efficient. We had a very busy day sorting out Wanda, removing lines and washing them, cleaning the decks and cleaning and drying the saloon after yesterdays “new indoor water feature” incident. We also visited the office to check in and pay the rest of our money for winter. This evening we had dinner on deck and the cats loved been outdoors again.. In Siccaca we had locked the cats in at night due to the swell. In Ragusa it was flat and calm so they were allowed out at night. We think they spent nearly all night outside.


The rest of the week was a mixture of high activity and resting in the humid heat.


On Friday we had a grand tour of Ragusa from Dan and Judi who had spent last winter here. We know where the essential items are in Marina di Ragusa i.e. good restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens and the bakery. Ragusa is a typical Italian seaside resort with a beautiful beach, cafes along the beach, ice cream parlours and a very relaxed atmosphere. Unlike Cagliaria the cars travel slowly and the pace of life is quieter.


We carried on cleaning the boat including taking apart and polishing all the deck fittings. We also carried on exploring the outskirts of Marina di Ragusa and found an amazing hardware store. It was a genuine maze, barely lit (we must remember to bring a torch next time!) but clearly had everything you ever wanted if only you could find it!


On Tuesday we went to the weekly market. The fresh vegetables are very good and very large – courgettes are about 50cm long.


Fortunately by the end of the week the winds had turned northerly and the humidity fell.



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The beach in Marina di Ragusa with the marina in the background


An ice cream parlour – one of many!