Ipswich to Ramsgate

Stephen & Anne
Tue 4 Sep 2007 19:55

51:19.684N 01:25.276E


At last we escaped the clutches of Ipswich and sailed to Ramsgate.


Our departure and arrival probably didn’t win any marks for style, but we didn’t damage Wandering Dragon.


On the plus side we successfully navigated the sand bars and ships across the river Thames.


A 5kg bag of flour took a dive from the top bunk and got an 8/10 for style. Fortunately it didn’t break or our black cats would be white!


The cats are ok-ish…Koshka came on deck to see what was happening early on – then went back to bed for the day. Yoyo stayed on the saloon seats all day. They are both quiet this evening as the days passage was very choppy.